Wednesday, 18 January 2012

There's A First Time For Everything.....x

I'm so excited this is my first offically oufit post for the new year, first pictures from my new baby Amelia, and my first night out in Stafford somewhere in the West Middlands.

Me and a few friends had a night out last night and part of this morning lol to Stafford with other uni people. I don't know if other uni's do this, but it's student trip. Where a coach picks you up from uni campus then takes you to a club in another town and brings you back.

I've never been and last night was my first time, and I must say it was amazing espically for £6 quid it's a bargain to meet new people, and just have fun. Definetly a student night. =D

Here's a few pic of my outfit;

I wanted to wear something that was comortable but warm since its like 1 degree but feels like minus.

black shirt- matalan,
 levi's shorts- Rockit BARGAIN £4!!!!!!,
ankle boots- Liverpool

If their's one thing I have learnt from yesterday is theirs always a first time for evenything, so never be afraid to try something you cause you never know you could be good at it or love it.
So this year I'm making a truce to try and do a least one new thing every month, wheather it be a travelling, tasting or an activity I'm all for it.

New Thing Of The Month= Birmingham 

so anyone who lives there or been their could you name places I should visit.
what about you guys any new experinces?

In the words of Drake- You Only Live Once= YOLO

Never be afraid of first time, they can be the door to many times.x

til next time!


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Say Cheese....x

Finally my baby is here, she's been the main reason why I havent blogged an outfit look or anything for that matter this year. But finally after a breath-taking year I decided to reward my self . Come on we all need a reward, espically as women we don't reward OURSELVES enough lol another excuse to buy something yay.

 Since 2012 is a year that holds so much opportunity, more great people to meet and many more inspirational life changing things to do. I thought to myself I need someone to share it with and capture it.  :D.
who could fit the job????

 So everyone I would like to introduce you all to a new member of my familia my lil girl

lool Amelia is FujiFilm FinePix S3200
not a person, but equally important lool

I can't wait to get out there and get snapping, thst is once I have played around with Amelia and fifured out all the feature. lol
I have never actually read a manual before use lol only when it's damaged =D
lol has anyone every doen that?
This time I'm definetly going to read it before!

til next time.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Swish-Swish-Swish In The City


 Swish-in-the-City is a brand new monthly swishing event run by Haven Refuge Wolverhampton.
I had the privilege of attending their first event which was held  the Student Union Bar in Wolverhampton.
Swishing is a recent trend that has been sweeping the fashion industry, after being embraced by the fashionistas of New York. It wasn't long before London got involved.

Swishing is eco-shopping in an ethical way, where you trade in clothes you don't want for clothes you do. Also in this case your also helping raise money for a good cause, The Haven Women's Refuge.  

I was super excited to attend the event, but when the lovely ladies gave me the okay to review the event I was over the moon. =D 

Each lady was greeted with a lovely Cosmopolitian 

First Time Swishers

Body shop was also their to show their support and raise awareness of up coming events and products
as well as offering relaxing hand massages.

.....and the winner is???

...the dig for treasure...

a fellow swisher swapped some unwanted clothes for this mid-length skirt
very cute.x

the lovely baking society showed their support!


A Beauty Product Stand "Forever"

........finally The Ex-Change!

A huge thank you to the lovely ladies at Haven for Organizing the Event.

Has anyone else been to a swishing event? What was it like? 
If not I suggest finding out where your nearest Swishing Event is and have a go.
After all it is fun and one women's pain is another's pleasure =D