Saturday, 31 December 2011

Davina for Next Range

 January 2011, I made a goal to lose weight, like most of us we kick of pretty well. at least after all the fetive periods. Cut down all sweet things, dairy and the amount of red meat. 
We may even join the gym or take up a sport. But by March, April that goal seems very less important. But recently I have picked it up and stuck by it, loosing 3 pounds. 

So when I saw the new Davina for NEXT campaign teaming up to create a new shoe and fitness collection, I was more than excited . A new range of womenswear and shoe collection, that's not just great for sport such as aerobics and running with that extra comfort that some brands miss out but the shoes are a cute great everyday shoes. Getting the most of simple exercise like walking as they are engineered to increase calf and hamstring activation by up to 12%.

I'm extremely excited to try the new range of innovative everyday shoes Elegant citysmart flats, featuring F.I.T technology, aimed at reducing load-bearing stress on joints and provide additional support exerting 25% less pressure on the ball of the foot. I would love to try these pumps, as I could seem theme in my collection as regular use for aerobics or pilates also they really cute and would go with anything. 

Like with every outfit you want to get the most comfort out of it, especially sportswear. I always check for key details like zip-pouches for my mp3/ipod or keys, loose light materials that enables me to move easily and  sweat freely without the clingy feeling. Most importantly the security of my boobs in a sports bra, I like sports bras to be fitted with comfort to prevent them jumping up or down or feeling arrested (because their too tight lool). These are few items from the collection that I would love to try as they would fit my athletic needs and give me that looking good feel while working out. Which every girl needs to make it more fun =D

 These two items with the sports bra & black trainers would be an outfit I would wear too the gym, as It ticks all the boxes of my ideal gym outfit. I would like to review these product, because the look like products that have been considered to meet the needs of the consumer ensuring SHE get the best of the product. NOT the  company getting the most of the consumers money. Most brands don't consider the different needs of an average Normal women who may not be very active plus with a great ambassador like Davina who supports and encourages all round fitness. I would love to participate in a campaign that encourages everyday women to keep fit at an affordable cost in small easy ways that make huge differences. 

 What would you wear from the collection?

Click the link below to check out more of their range, you never know you could find something that could give you that push this year to keep fit. CLICK HERE>>>>>>NEXT

Til next year my lovelies, I wish you all a Happy New Year. 2012 the year of Grater Things!
Love & Season's Greetings!

Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas!!!


I know i'm pretty late on this, but every time i attempted typing this post family just kept rolling in one after another. Before I knew it, it was 11pm Christmas Evening lol.
I hope you all had a lovely warm joyous Christmas. I certainly did especially with all the food I was spoilt for choice.
 I think I have eaten about a weeks worth of food 
Even as I'm typing this now I have a slice of home made bailey's and chocolate cheese cake (curtsy of moi) and ice-cream in fornt of me as we read .

I just want to wish all of you a blessed Christmas full of laughter, happiness and peace to share and create wonderful memories with loved ones. Also remembering the birth of our Lord Jesus a Christ. 

Love & Season's Greetings!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

A Furry Friend

hey girlies, 
First of let me apolgise for my loooooooooong extended and OVERDUE disapperance there's actually alot i need to upate about, but very soon.

This season I'm loving the whole fur theme wheather is brown, black, white or grey it's BIG.  So when I saw this fur neck stole this bad boy was MINE :D  and one item crossed of my wsh list. Ever since I was young I can remeber my mum dressing me in furs, whether it hats , scarfs, gloves or coats which made my love for fur grow even more. I definetly couldn't wait to start accessoricing it with my wadrobe.

When one of my girls from home *who's also a fellow blogger kolorkrazedolly* came to visit me at uni before going home for christmas, and a long debate about how cold it was outside. We finally decide to brave it and go out into town. After nursing a cold I wasn't feeling on getting another so the my new furry friend suited perfect espically for extra warmth.

Shoes - Newlook , Leggings - Wallis , Top - miselfridges , Fur Stole - H&M , Leather jacket - Local bootique 

Happy Sunday & Blessings 

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Let The Sun Shine...x

so for  the last two three days the sun has decided to come out with all its Kumakumaya *lool dragonballz*
I'm not a huge fan of summer its always TOOOO hot and its so hard to keep cool where as its so easy to keep warm I'm more of a winter baby I love the snow, the coldness and hot chocolate with marshmallow :D.

which seasons do you prefer?

anyways today I had to run some errands so I decided to TRY and embrace the sunshine and make the most of it, here is a quick pic of my outfit.


Dress: h&m *DIY: I stitched the sides up  but left a fish tail*
Shoes: present from bestie
Bag: local shop *removed straps*
Jewelz: bracelet- Present, earrings- Dorothy Perkins

Hope you all enjoyed the sun as well, let me know what you did, or places to go and do during the sun?

See you soon. bubbles.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Romance in Verona

let me first start off with saying this is a heavy photo blog post :D

i just recently came back from a romantic 8 day holiday with my other half Maphi (also a fellow blogger  check her out) lool shes actually my best friend but she means so much more. lool
we both finished our exams and really wanted to chill out but spend some time with each other since we haven't seen each other for like months (it feels more like years) and both have a passion to travel, and that's exactly what we did. :D

we stayed in Castel Gofferodo a little village on the outskirts of Milian but part of Verona lol confusing right but hey it works. The area was absolutely lovely, with its local coffee houses, gelato (ice-creams), markets and small scale shops (supermarkets to us) the closely knit community gave us mixed reviews as that area still has a bit to learn about culture and racial integration they weren't directly rude but sometimes I felt like the monkey in the zoo. Im going to apoligise in advance because theres not much fashion or beauty (just bits and bobs) because I just wanted to chill and explore so you will see more of the city than me and foood too loool.

love in the simplest form


i picked some fruits *pescha* from a local tree (with permisson from owner)
their like little plums but really sweet and yummy 

local flowers not sure what their called...?
top&;jeans- dorothy perkins, shoes- thursday market in Verona

Maphi; dress- h&m, headband&slippers- primark


we walked around to explore the local area a bit more, visited a local gĂ©lato (lol my Italian side is still alive), art galleria, and the local town square where the local government was and where local events like music concerts are held. 

soooooo many choices...

dress-local boutique, shoes- thursday market Verona, bag- h&m

Maphi: Dress- camden town , hairband- primark , belt-unknown , flip flops - primark , sunglasses -brick lane

M for Maphi and Mariyam (one of my middle names) :D

*name of the fruit in italian, not sure in english. 

watch out for more holiday picz soon to come. 

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Here we go

if I said this was my first blog post I would be lying lol, however this is my first post on this new blog
*The Elect Chic*  yaaaaay me.

i would love to give you a lovey description of what my blog is going to be about and what to expect blah blah blah, but to be honest I don't actually know my self *still working that bit out ;)*
im a very spontaneous person who loves to live in the moment and simply enjoy it, all I can say is this my canvas and a plan to show you  and express all off me through my clothes, writing and images. which might be too much to handle lool only joking.

anyways im soo excited, I have heard soo much about the blog community that i am look forward to meeting some many lovely people who are similar and different to me, because with every person comes a life lesson and experience.

I think I have ranted on here long enough, but till we meet again......xOxOx
p.s. i love hugs lool hence the O. :D