Sunday, 24 July 2011

Here we go

if I said this was my first blog post I would be lying lol, however this is my first post on this new blog
*The Elect Chic*  yaaaaay me.

i would love to give you a lovey description of what my blog is going to be about and what to expect blah blah blah, but to be honest I don't actually know my self *still working that bit out ;)*
im a very spontaneous person who loves to live in the moment and simply enjoy it, all I can say is this my canvas and a plan to show you  and express all off me through my clothes, writing and images. which might be too much to handle lool only joking.

anyways im soo excited, I have heard soo much about the blog community that i am look forward to meeting some many lovely people who are similar and different to me, because with every person comes a life lesson and experience.

I think I have ranted on here long enough, but till we meet again......xOxOx
p.s. i love hugs lool hence the O. :D


Mouthwash said...

Congratulations on your new blog girl! I love your layout, and I cannot wait to read more of what you post.


Lyosha said...

congrats on blog! keep on going!

Inside and Outsde Blog

Vasu said...

Congratulations, looking forward to hearing from u more, cute blog