Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tuesday's Blooms.....x

I can't believe it's March already,
it feels like only last week i was talking to maphi about new years resolutions, goals and places i want to visit.
woow how time really flies
 we need to I can't wait to capture every
 not literally but along them line there lool
The last few weeks have been such an BIG eye opener for me.
growing up I have always been someone to dream BIG!
wanting to explore, try some many things,
that as everyday goes by I just end up adding 1 more things to my list.
whether it's books I want to read, movies to watch oh like recently I just watched Lion King 1-3
lool i know pretty lame but now my childhood is complete lmaooooooo
with so many opportunities available I can't wait to grab them.
If it's one thing I have learnt is opportunities are not offered on a plate but the determined dreamers chases them.
it looks like spring has finally arrived with sun peaking out and the buds starting to bloom.
although it's slightly warmer I was feeling for a biker chic look...

 here's what I wore to uni yesterday..

Leather Jacket- local Boutique
Shirt- Brother's cupboard   :p
Levi's Shorts- Rockit
Tights- Marks & Sparks
Vintage Scarf- Mum's cupboard   :p
Bag - H&M (but purchased in a charity shop)

Rings- Dorothy Perkins
Stud Earrings- Primark
Pocket Owl Watch- Camden Town Market
excuse the chip nail polish, their in desperate need lol

with the all the flowers blooming out rember it's your season to


TGIF:Freezing Friday...x

It's been a while since I have blogged a proper blog post.
with last few weeks beening crazy, I don't think I have ever done so much running arround doing errands, I felt like road runner at one point. lol

but I'm glad to be back blogging, and meeting some amazing bloggers.
just wanted to say a huge thank you to all those showing their support and love.xmwahx

lol I love snow espically winter its the perfect season to spend with loved ones making memories in the snow and in the warmth chilaxin with a warm drink, cake'n'custard and snuggling next to mummy.
yes yes yes I'm a mum's girl and proud of it. =D

on friday I meet up with a friend for a catch up over hot chocolate not a fan of coffee blurgh!, which was what I need espically on day where it was 2 degrees talk about FREEZING!!!!

here's what I wore

leather jacket- Local Boutique
blouse- Matalan
jeans- Primark
shoes- Blue inc

shoes- Blue inc.
bag- Liverpool
Scraf- Vintage
Ring- Dorothy Perkins
Earrings- Gift from Dubai

but did any of you guys get snow where you are?
If so how did you spend it?

I'm hearing it's going to be snowing again, yaaaaay super excited can't wait to make snow angels and snow man's.
so where ever you are stay warm and safe.