Thursday, 12 July 2012

Too Many Shoes....?

hey girlies, hope you've all had a good week ?
I recently came back from Liverpool. Since I'm not going on holiday abroad this year I thought I can still escape the hustle and bustle of London to a little trip up North and catch up with my bestie.

Anyways I'm back now, and so excited to finally start work as a waitress this should be so kool, I've always wanted to to try waitressing and hopefully this will give me a hands on experience of customer service from a food industry perspective. Also one of my fun-filled dream jobs,to be a bar maid.

Anyways here are pictures of the items I got in Liverpool.

3 Play suits for the summer fun

(that's if we get any :( )

1- the striped play suit is from Primark, I've had my eye on this outfit so when it was reduced there was no question about it.
2- the middle one is from * but was reduced to a FIVER £5
3- the last one is from republic also reduced to 5quid.

.....5 shoes later

Top row- both shoes from local Liverpool boutique
Bottom row- Black sandal boutique, Brown Wedge Sandal TOPSHOP, and Leopard Print sandal Select

lool so I got a bit carried away and bought 5 pairs of shoes but they were all so cute and reasonable price I couldn't pass it by, plus they were calling me Proverbz..Proverbz lool okay so it was in my head, still I couldn't resit
Plus there's no such think as too many shoes. ;)

So tomorrow is Friday, finally the weekend is here!
yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah budddddddddddddddddddy!
I'm planning to final watch the Steve Harvey Movie Think Like A Man!
I'm a major Tyler Perry fan so this is a must see lol!
Has anybody else seen it and what's do you think?

Have a lovey weekend!


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Obsession Lacquer said...

Ooooo soooo many nice goodies! Especially in love with the brown sandal wedges. By the way you are rocking the camo jacket (previous) so good! I love the outfit post


Giorgia said...

Hi very nice blog and post;)

Have a nice day!

- Kimbunnii - said...

Great finds, love the striped play suit!

Hola Bambi said...

wow! you bought loadsss! You have to be following to enter giveaway babe x

lucia m said...

loving all the sandals!


madame-chocolate said...


maphi said...

i want all those shoes !!!! love you boo boo xoxo

By Larissa said...

Nice blog babe.

Missy Cheeks said...

Thanks for your visit.So cute the stripped dress.Kisses

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Kheira said...

Love the brown wedges sandals!

lucia m said...

loving all your shoes!


Clara Turbay said...

great blog!