Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Introducing.....Petticoat Vintage!..x

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting a brand new vintage shop Petticoat Vintage which is run by two lovely passionate ladies, Jane & Sarah who also happen to be mother and daughter aww :-)

Located in town on 11 King Street, Wolverhampton the shop it's self is just a big temptation with it's  large pane windows and beautiful jewels hanging in the window you can't help but have look. Unlike most vintage shops it's not very dark and spacious but instead quite a homely-feel, with it's warm lighting and gorgeous detailed decor that every girl wants in her bedroom, it's like walking into Ava Gardner bedroom.

"We really wanted it to look boutiquee and unique,
so people feel comfortable and relaxed in a
 real chilled atmosphere with good quality clothes." Jane

Well ladies I will definitely say you've done so!

I was luck enough to model some of there clothing which was an absolutely blast, it was like being in a candy store some many choices. With the help of Sarah and her fashion driven background we were able to come up with these outfits.

Over the next few weeks I would be putting up more pictures from the photo shoot at petticoat vintage and the interview from Jane and Sarah's journey to making Sarah's dream come true!

Have a lovely week!

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